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Presentation Expectations


Please see the attached documents that illustrate the expectations of presentation in Maths books and English books in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.

The purpose of these documents is to ensure a consistently high standard of presentation across the whole school which all children and staff recognise, understand and follow.  The documents outline the expectations and demonstrate progression throughout school.

These expectations are intended to apply to the vast majority of children in our school. Occasionally a decision will need to be made to personalise the presentation expectations for a child who has such specific needs that these expectations could be a barrier to their progress (e.g. a child with physical difficulties writing).

Staff will ensure that presentation of work is actively taught as it will not ‘just happen’. It should be a main focus at the start of each academic year and then be referred to periodically throughout the year.

Where possible, all staff should ensure that presentation is celebrated through:


  • Displaying work with a high standard of presentation
  • Celebrating work with a high standard of presentation in whole class situations.
  • Ensure good presentation is rewarded  in line with whole school behaviour policy (praise, House Points, Headteacher awards)
  • Sharing of good work in whole school assemblies

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