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Sporting fixtures for the current academic year


Below you will find details of all upcoming fixtures. Most of the events the school take part in are organised by Colchester-Blackwater School Sports Partnership (CBSSP) and in leagues organised through Colchester Primary Sports Leagues (CPSL). For match/event reports and photos of completed fixtures please go to the results section.


September 29th - CBSSP Year 5/6 Football Competition


October 6th - CBSSP Archery Event
October 12th - CBSSP Year 5/6 Boccia and New Age Kurling event

October 14th - CBSSP Year 1/2 All In session

October 20th - CBSSP Year 5/6 Girls Football Competition

October 21st - Panathlon Ten Pin Bowlling

‚ÄčNovember 1st - Littlegarth Football Festival - A team

November 3rd - CBSSP Year 5/6 Football Competition Finals
November 8th - Littlegarth Football Festival - B/C team

November 9th - CBSSP Year 3/4/5/6 Cross Country Competition

November 10th - CBSSP Year 5/6 Dodgeball Competition

November 10th - CPSL Football match Vs Braiswick (away)

November 18th - CBSSP Year 3/4 Change 4 Life Festival

November 19th - CPSL Football match Vs Queen Boudicca (away)

November 25th - CBSSP Year 5/6 Basketball Competition
November 30th - CBSSP Year 3/4 All In session


December 8th - EFL Trust Kids Cup


January 12th - CBSSP Year 3/4 Sportshall Athletics

January 25th - CBSSP Year 5/6 All In session

January 26th - CBSSP Year 1/2 Cricket Festival

January 31st - CBSSP Cheerleading Festival


February 1st - CBSSP Year 5/6 Tag Rugby Competition

February 9th - Littlegarth Football Fixture (5 teams)

February 10th - CBSSP Year 1/2 Football Festival

February 22nd - CBSSP Year 5/6 Sportshall Athletics

February 24th - CBSSP Year 5/6 'B' Football Competition 

March 3rd - Littlegarth Cross Country

March 7th - CPSL Netball match vs Queen Boudica at home

March 9th - CPSL Netball match vs North at home
March 15th - CBSSP Year 5/6 High 5 Netball Competition

March 17th - CPSL Football match vs Kelvedon at home

March 18th - Year 5/6 County Dodgeball Competition

March 18th - CPSL Netball match vs Braiswick at home

March 29th- CPSL Football match vs Friars Grove at home

March 31st - CBSSP Year 3/4 Football Competition

April 25th - CBSSP Year 5/6 Cheerleading festival

April 27th - County Cross Country Competition

May 3rd - CBSSP Year 5/6 Change 4 Life Festival

May 12th - CBSSP Year 1/2 Fun Run

May 17th - CBSSP Year 5/6 Rounders Competition

May 19th - Rugby fixture vs Braiswick 

May 26th - CBSSP Year 5/6 Kwik Cricket Competition


June 14th - CBSSP Commonwealth Games Athletics Festival

June 27th - CPSL KS2 Athletics Competition


July 7th - Year 5/6 County Cricket Competition

July 13th - CBSSP Year 1/2 Sportshall Athletics Festival

July 18th - CPSL Cricket Competition



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