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Below you will find match reports and photos for completed fixtures. You can also view up to date league tables.

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CBSSP Year 1 & 2 Sportshall Athletics Festival

The final sports event of the year was the Year 1 and 2 Sportshall Athletics festival. All of the children had the opportunity to take part in every event, including standing long jump, five strides, chest push, javelin, vertical jump and speed bounce. They also got to take part in relay races and obstacle races, where they were very successful. Well done to all of those children that had a great time taking part. 

Heathlands finish 2nd in CPSL Year 3 & 4 Athletics Competition and win the Year 5 & 6 event!

Children from across Key Stage Two at Heathlands took part in throwing, jumping or running events at the Garrison Athletics track, in an event organised by staff at Heathlands. The children performed superbly throughout, pushing themselves to do their best with lots of children making finals and even winning medals in their individual events. The Year 3 & 4 children came second in their team event by a single point, while the Year 5 & 6 children won their team event. Well done.

Heathlands finish 2nd in County Cricket Competition!

After their success in the Colchester Cricket competition, the team travelled to Billericay to challenge themselves against the best school teams in Essex. They continued to play excellent cricket, with some superb batting, excellent bowling and sharp fielding. After winning the four matches in their group, they qualified for the semi finals. They played an extremely close game in their semi final, narrowly winning and qualifying for the final itself. After another very close match, they just lost out to an independent school. Despite being disappointed not to win the final, the team soon recognised what a great achievement being the second best school in the County was, and celebrated as if they had won the competition themselves. 

CBSSP Olympic and Paralympic Festival

Children from Year 3 and 4 at Heathlands had a great time at the Olympic and Paralympic festival. They got to take part in tennis, archery, boccia and goalball. The children enjoyed each sport, and it was great to see them try something new in goalball, where each child was blindfolded then rolled and tried to stop a ball with a bell in it. The children were great and represented the school well.

Heathlands win CBSSP Year 5 & 6 Cricket Competition!

Following the success of the Year 3 & 4 cricket team, the Year 5 & 6 children were not to be outdone. They played countdown cricket, which is very similar to the Hundred. Their cricket throughout the day was very impressive, as was their attitude towards the game, adapting their bowling and approach depending on the opposition they faced. They won the competition having won every game and now look forward to taking part in a County event. 

Heathlands win CBSSP Year 3 & 4 Cricket Competition!

Our Year 3 and 4 cricket team played some excellent cricket throughout the competition to come away as winners. They played a version of cricket called Rapid Fire, where children need to hit big and field quickly, which the children really enjoyed. Having won their group they went on to win their semi final and final, scoring some big scores. Well done. 

CPSL Year 1 & 2 Multi-sport Festival

Children from Year 2 had the opportunity to attend a multi-sport festival organised by Heathlands. They enjoyed playing boccia, taking part in relay races, completing an obstacle course and parachute games as well. Well done to those that took part. 

CBSSP Year 5 & 6 Rounders Competition

On a wet and cold June day, our rounders team were excited to get going in playing matches against other local schools. They had a great time, despite the poor weather, and won all of their matches to win their group. Unfortunately, the weather meant the event had to be cancelled before the semi finals could take place, but the team should be very pleased with how they performed. 

CBSSP Year 1 & 2 Fun Run

On May 16th, 60 children from across Year 1 and 2 took part in a Fun Run. The children had a great time challenging themselves to run the long distance as quickly as they could, and were very proud when finishing and being awarded a medal for their efforts. 


Heathlands 12 - 10 Prettygate

Heathlands win the Netball League!


Heathlands 16 - 4 Lexden


Heathlands 1 - 1 Braiswick

Heathlands finish 3rd in the Football League!

CBSSP Year 1 & 2 Football Festival

Children from Year 1 and 2 had a great time at the football festival. They first had the chance to take part in different training activities to help them improve before playing in small sided games against other local schools. 

CBSSP Year 1 & 2 Multi sport Festival

Children from Year 2 had a great time at the CBSSP Multi sport festival. They took part in Boccia, new age kurling, obstacle courses, relay races and parachute games. 

Girls football

Heathlands 2 - 3 Friars Grove


Heathlands 1 - 2 Kelvedon

Heathlands finish 2nd at CPSL Netball Competition!

On 19th April, a netball team from Heathlands took part in the CPSL competition. When we arrived, it looked as though no netball might be played, as the rain came hammering down. Fortunately, this was just a shower, and despite a little more rain during the morning, managed to get all of our fixtures in. The team played some amazing netball as well, moving forward quickly, shooting accurately, and intercepting well whenever possible. the team won five of their games, and only lost once, meaning they came second. More importantly, they had all enjoyed playing competitive netball. Well done. 

CBSSP Fencing Festival

We were very pleased to have the opportunity to attend a fencing festival at Northern Gateway. The children enjoyed taking part in skills based activities to improve their understanding of fencing and how it should be carried out, then had the chance to take part in duels against one another or children from other schools. All of the children had a fantastic time and were keen to suggest we add fencing to the sports we currently offer!

Girls football

Heathlands 6 - 0 Braiswick

County Cross Country Competition

On 27th March, our school took part in the County Cross Country Competition. Our Year 3 girls team, Year 5 boys team, and Year 6 girls team had qualified to take part after winning the Colchester event. Louis and Ewan also qualified as individual runners after finishing in the top three at the Colchester event. It was an especially windy day, but the children didn't allow that to stop them doing their best. Each race was a very high standard, but every runner from Heathlands rose up to the challenge and were delighted to take part as one of the best runners in the County. 

CBSSP Year 5 & 6 Netball Competition

One of our netball teams was very excited to play competitive fixtures against a variety of other schools. For many of the children taking part, this was their first experience of competitive netball, and they were fantastic. They looked to apply all they had learnt, and took part in a series of close matches, coming out second in them unfortunately. Despite this, the team kept smiling and continued to improve. In the last match, it all came together and they managed to get the win their play had deserved. Well done! 


Heathlands 2 - 1 Home Farm


Heathlands 8 - 4 Gosbecks

Girls football

Heathlands 0 - 5 St Teresa's

CBSSP Year 3 & 4 Football Competition

Our Year 3 & 4 football team were very excited about the opportunity to represent Heathlands and compete against other schools. They started strongly, scoring some great team goals which helped them qualify for the final group of four. All of these games were very tough, and unfortunately the team couldn't find a way to score any more goals, drawing two games 0-0 and losing the final game 1-0. They finished fourth, but showed they were a match for all of the teams in the final group, as well as enjoying some closely contested games. 

Football match

Heathlands 1 - 1 Gosbecks

Heathlands finish 2nd at CPSL Football Competition!

On Thursday 7th March, one of our football teams took part in a competition. They started strongly, playing some great football, scoring some superb goals and managing not to concede. They were delighted to make it through to the final group and played with a smile on their faces throughout their final games. They continued to play well and were rewarded by finishing second. Well done!

County Sportshall Athletics

After winning the Colchester Sportshall Athletics Competition, the team travelled to Southend to take part in the County event. They quickly found that the standard of track and field events at this competition was incredibly high, but raised their own game to compete with those around them. They didn't quite make it into the top 10, but should be very proud to make it to this stage of the competition, and with the performances they put in on the day.

Girls Football

Heathlands 1 - 2 Kelvedon

Primary Panathlon Festival

This event included a range of challenges for children to overcome, including throwing at a different targets and table cricket, which was very exciting to play. The children grew in confidence throughout the event and often surprised themselves with how well they were able to do. I was very impressed with their desire to improve and do their best at each event, as well as the courage they showed in trying new things. 

CBSSP Year 3 & 4 Multi-sport Festival

A group of children from Year 4 had a fantastic time taking part in a multi-sport festival. Throughout the morning they enjoyed a wide range of sports, always listening closely to the students in charge of their group and doing their best. The most impressive thing though, was how encouraging they were of each other. It was a pleasure to take the children and see how much they enjoyed the opportunity to represent the school.

CPSL Year 3 & 4 Football Competition

Girls and boys across Year 4 took part in a football competition with a difference! In the first half of each match, girls played against one another before boys played against one another in the second half of the match. There were some fantastic games with very close score lines, but it wasn't quite to be for the Heathlands team this time. They played well throughout and had a great time representing the school. 

Netball match

Heathlands 15 - 3 St Mary's

CBSSP Year 5 & 6 Multi-sports Festival

On Wednesday 7th February, eight children in Year 5 travelled to Thurstable School to take part in a multi-sport festival. The children enjoyed the opportunity to take part in parachute games, a variety of different relay races, volleyball and more. They had a great time representing the school, smiling throughout the morning.

Girls Football Match

Heathlands 8 - 0 Home Farm

County Ten Pin Bowling Competition

Following their success in winning the Colchester Ten Pin Bowling Competition, our team were very excited to take part in a County event. They travelled to Basildon ready to do their best. They bowled accurately throughout and scored well, as well as having a huge amount of fun while doing so. They finished tenth on this occasion but were just as pleased with how they had performed and proud to have represented the school in a County event.

Littlegarth Cross Country Festival

On 1st February, we visited Littlegarth to take part in a cross country race. The course at Littlegarth is both challenging and exciting, with narrow wooded areas to run through, a steep incline, and it being quite a distance to run. The children rose to this challenge superbly, pushing themselves to do their best as they thoroughly enjoyed their races.

Heathlands win Rugby Match Vs Littlegarth

On Wednesday 31st January, seven children travelled to Littlegarth to play in our first ever contact rugby match. It was a great game with some excellent play from both sides. The children enjoyed tackling, with few chances to halt the opposition missed, as well as rucking well to protect the ball and then moving forward quickly as a team to score tries. Well done to all of those children that took part.

Heathlands win CBSSP Sportshall Athletics Competition!

After a very enjoyable Tag Rugby Competition yesterday, today it was Sportshall Athletics. All of the children in the team enjoyed taking part in Sportshall events during lessons in the lead up to Christmas, and were very excited, some even nervous, to compete against children from other schools in their events. The team supported each other superbly throughout the afternoon, encouraging their team mates and other children during the running races, and giving words of advice and support before others took on their field events. The whole team contributed to achieving a great score, winning the event in doing so! Well done!

CBSSP Tag Rugby Competition

Our school Tag Rugby team were very excited to travel to Maldon Rugby club to take part in a competition. They played six games over the course of the day showcasing some impressive teamwork when moving the ball, great speed and change of direction when attacking to try and score a try, and perseverance in tackling the opposition by taking tags. The standard of rugby across the competition was very good with lots of close matches. Well done to everyone in the team, you played some great rugby.

Littlegarth Football Fixtures

On Wednesday 17th January, we took 58 children to Littlegarth school to take part in six football matches! It was fantastic to see so many children from both schools enjoying playing football. All of the matches were played with great sportsmanship with some excellent play on show as well. Lots of the games were close, with Heathlands coming out on top in five of the matches played. Well done to all of the children involved.

CBSSP Year 1 & 2 Cricket Festival

Twelve children were very excited to be representing Heathlands and taking part in a cricket festival. Throughout the morning they had the opportunity to practice their batting, bowling and fielding, all while playing different fun games. The children improved a huge amount over the course of the morning and had a great time.

Utilitia Kids Cup

On 11th January, our school football team took part in the Utilitia Kids Cup. The children were excited to get going and played some great football throughout the day, conceding only one goal in league games. The team came second in their group, meaning they did not go through to the semi finals on this occasion, but they did represent the school superbly throughout and should be proud of how they played. 

Heathlands win CBSSP Year 3 & 4 Sportshall Athletics Competition!

At school children across Key Stage Two have been enjoying taking part in various different Sportshall Athletics events, including speed bounce, chest push, javelin and standing long jump. A team across Year 3 & 4 were selected to take part in these different events, and various relay races. Throughout the competition the children were excited to do their best and improve on their own personal best. It was great to hear the children speak so enthusiastically about how they had improved. The team were delighted when they found out they had won the competition and were keen to continue trying to improve so they could come again in the future. 

Heathlands Vs Queen Boudicca

On Friday 24th November, we took two girls teams to Queen Boudicca school to play. All of the girls had a great time and played some excellent football. Queen Boudicca and Heathlands won one game each.

Heathlands finish 2nd at CBSSP Basketball Competition!

Our school basketball team did incredibly well to finish 2nd in their first ever competition. The team won their first two matches in their group to make it through to the final. In the final they played a strong Oxford House team, and despite continuing to play well lost that match. All of the children enjoyed themselves throughout and represented the school superbly.

Heathlands win Littlegarth U9 Football Competition!

Heathlands took a team to Littlegarth school on a great afternoon to take part in a football competition. Our team played superbly throughout, winning three games and drawing one in the group. As a result, they qualified for the final and played out a close match with Finborough who they had drawn to earlier on. Heathlands just edged the game 2-1, winning the competition. It was enjoyable to watch the the team play and they should all be proud of themselves.   

CPSL Multi-sports Festival

On Thursday 16th November, Heathlands hosted a multi-sport festival. Over the course of the day nine schools, including children from Heathlands, enjoyed taking part in archery, sitting volleyball, boccia and parachute games. The Heathlands team demonstrated all of our core values while taking part, as well as improving their skills at each station they visited. Many thanks also to the children at Heathlands who helped at each station, ensuring everyone knew what they were doing, how to do it safely, and then encouraging the children throughout. It was fantastic to be able to host an event like this at our school and something we will definitely look to do again in the future. 

CBSSP Year 4 Multi-sports Festival

On November 15th, eight children took part in a multi-sports festival at Thurstable School. Events the children had the chance to take part in included parachute games, throwing at targets, volleyball, boccia, new age kurling, obstacle course and speed stacks. The children had a great time at each event and were all keen to go again in the future.

Football match

Heathlands 6 - 0 St Thomas More

Football match

Heathlands 5 - 2 St Andrews 

Heathlands enjoys great success at the CBSSP Cross Country Competition!

Forty eight very excited children travelled to Northern Gateway to take part in the CBSSP Cross Country Competition. All of the children had taken part in races at school last week and were confident they could do well and improve on their running by taking on children from other schools. All of the children were superb throughout, pushing themselves to do their best, whether that was competing to try and win or finishing in the top 50. The event is both an individual and team event. Congratulation to Louie, Ruby, Abi, Joshua, Alexa, James, Sonny, Ewan, Freya and Izzy, who all achieved top ten finishes. The team results are below, and show just how hard the children worked during the competition.


Year 3 girls - 1st

Year 3 boys - 2nd

Year 4 girls - 3rd

Year 4 boys - 2nd

Year 5 girls - 2nd

Year 5 boys - 1st

Year 6 girls - 1st

Year 6 boys - 4th

Heathlands finish 3rd in CBSSP Boccia Competition!

On Wednesday 1st November, two teams from Heathlands took part in a Boccia and New Age Kurling competition. Both teams were a little nervous about taking part, but soon got into the swing of the competition. After a series of close matches we found out that the New Age Kurling team had finished 4th, while the Boccia team had finished 3rd. Well done to all of the children that took part, it was great to see you improve over the course of the competition.

Heathlands win Panathlon Ten Pin Bowling Event!

Two teams from Heathlands enjoyed the opportunity to take part in a Ten Pin bowling event. Both teams played well throughout, enjoying the challenge of trying to achieve the highest score possible. The children behaved superbly throughout, even managing to stay calm during a power cut! When the results were announced all of the children from Heathlands were delighted to find that one of their teams had won the event! Freya was also announced as the child who achieved the highest score in the competition! Well done to all of those children that took part.

Heathlands finish 3rd at CBSSP Football Finals!

The team that took part in the CBSSP finals today continued their fine form from the qualifiers, playing some fantastic football throughout the morning. The standard of football was very high, leading to a number of close games often decided by a single goal. The team won and drew most of their games, with their only loss coming to the eventual winners. A great morning of football which the team thoroughly enjoyed.

Heathlands Vs St Teresa's

A team of girls from Heathlands travelled to St Teresa's to play in a football match. The girls had great fun playing against another school and improved significantly as the game went on. St Teresa's won the game comfortably, but our team never stopped trying to break through and score goals of their own. 

Heathlands finish 3rd at CBSSP Dodgeball Competition!

The Heathlands team performed incredibly well at the dodgeball competition this year. They played very well, supporting one another throughout and showing fantastic sportsmanship. After winning all of their group games, they made it through to the final four. This was also played as a group, and the team continued to play well, with all of their remaining games being close matches. The team finished third and should be very proud. Well done.

Bootcamp Games

On a wet Friday 13th October, twelve children from Heathlands took part in the Bootcamp Games! Children enjoyed events including dragging a weight as a team across the field, flipping tyres and crawling under a cargo net. The children had to work together to overcome these challenges, having a lot of fun while doing so. The six children from Year 2 did amazingly to keep smiling despite the heavy rain fall, while the children in Year 5 came incredibly close to winning their event, missing out by only 1/100th of a second! Well done to everyone that took part.

Heathlands win CBSSP Year 5/6 Archery Competition!

Before the competition we had a chance to practice at school. Two of us even managed to score a bullseye! We all did our best and learnt more about how to shoot an arrow, we wanted to improve our aiming though!


At the competition we were split into two teams. It started well but we were keen to do better. The other schools we played did really well. At the end we found out the results. Heathlands 2 didn't quite make it into the top three despite doing really well. Unexpectedly, Heathlands 1 took 1st place!


The morning was really fun and we would all like to go again!


By Genevieve and Harriet.

Heathlands finish 2nd at the CBSSP Year 5/6 Girls Football Competition!

On 5th October, a team of Heathlands children took part in a Year 5/6 Football Competition. The Heathlands team played superbly throughout with everyone involved in each game trying their best. It was clear to see the team were enjoying themselves throughout the morning (as much on the side lines waiting to play as in the games) and their great play meant they finished 2nd, with their only loss and goal conceded coming at the hands of the eventual winners. The standard of girls football at the event was the highest it has ever been, and with more teams taking part then ever before it is great to see so many girls across Colchester enjoying football. Well done to the Heathlands team, it promises to be an exciting year ahead!

CBSSP Year 5/6 Football Competition

On 28th September, a Heathlands team of Year 5 and 6 children travelled to Shrub End to take part in a football competition. The team played some great football throughout, conceding just one goal, winning a few matches and drawing the rest. As a result, they have qualified to take part in the CBSSP Colchester Football Finals on 19th October. Good luck to the team.

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