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Below you will find match reports and photos for completed fixtures. You can also view up to date league tables.

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CPSL Football Match
Heathlands 2 - 0 Kelvedon


The football team this week won their 6th match out of 6. They have played some great football during this time and based on how other results have gone this now means Heathlands have won the CPSL Large Schools Football League this season! Well done to all 14 children who have represented the school in the league matches this season.



County Sitting Volleyball Competition


After the Colchester Sitting Volleyball Competition had to be cancelled, Heathlands were asked to represent the area in the County competition. The children, some of whom were representing the school for the first time, were very excited to be able to take part but a little nervous as they hadn't played very much leading up to the event. All of the children had a great morning, improving all the time and learning how to play a new sport. They won their first match before a number of closely contested matches where they came out second best. Throughout the day all of the children showed fantastic sportsmanship and had a fantastic time.


CPSL Football Match
Heathlands 2 - 0 Montgomery


CPSL Netball Match
Heathlands 11-2 Montgomery


Littlegarth Cross Country Competition


On Friday 6th March, seventy two (72!) children across KS2 travelled to Littlegarth to take part in a cross country event. After walking the course the children were excited to take part in a race that included hills, mud and a fair amount of wind! All of the children ran well with a number collecting medals for finishing in the top 10 in their races. Many thanks to Littlegarth for hosting.

Heathlands finish 3rd in County New Age Kurling Competition 


We enjoyed the event because we competed against other schools and came 3rd. There was 18 other schools to compete against at the new age kurling competition, we had lots of fun!
By Liam, James, Amelia and Lexi. 

CPSL Football Match
Heathlands 8 - 1 St Johns Green


CBSSP Year 5 & 6 Cross Country Competition


On a very cold, and very windy Wednesday, the year 5 and 6 cross country teams had their chance to compete in races against other schools. All of the children did incredibly well in tricky conditions, running as hard as they could to achieve the best finish possible.
All of those that took part should be proud of how well they ran and represented the school. Millie Benjamin and Bobby deserve specific mention after managing to finish 8th, 4th and 3rd in their races. Well done to the year 5 boys who won their team event.

CPSL Football Match
​Heathlands 5 - 0 North


CBSSP Year 3 & 4 Futsal Competition


On Thursday 6th February, four teams of children from across Year 3 and 4 took part in a Futsal competition at Essex University, two boys teams and two girls teams. The girls teams organised themselves into mixed ability teams with the intention of enjoying their afternoon of Futsal and improving their skills and understanding of the game. All of the girls improved as the afternoon went on, building in confidence as well. The boys teams (which were both made up of only year 3 children) were also organised into mixed ability teams. The speed and size of the opposition teams presented a challenge to both teams but the children soon adapted playing really well and also improving as the afternoon went on. All of the children enjoyed themselves and will be better players having taken part. 


CBSSP Year 3 & 4 Cross Country Competition


On Wednesday 5th February, 23 children from Year 3 and 4 took part in a Cross Country Competition. In surprisingly warm weather all of the children attacked the approximately 1km long course looking to run as best as they could. Prior to the races there was a mix of excitement and nervousness and once the races were finished there was a mix of pride and exhaustion!
All of the runners did very well and should be proud of their races. Poppi and Oliver deserve specific mention for achieving a top ten finish, as do Owen and Thomas who finished 2nd in their races. Congratulations also to Theo who won his race! 
In the team events, the year 4 boys finished 4th, the year 3 girls finished 3rd, the year 4 girls finished 2nd, and the year 3 boys won!

CPSL Football Matches
​Heathlands 2 - 1 Monkwick
Heathlands 3 - 0 Friars Grove


The first two games of the season have got off to a flying start for the Heathlands football team! The first game was against Monkwick Juniors where Heathlands had to battle hard to achieve a deserving 2-1 win. In the second game, Heathlands played against Friars Grove and convincingly won 3-0. In both games, the team really started to gel, with confident passing, strong tackling and some lovely goals!

Heathlands finish 2nd in Year 3 and 4 Sportshall Athletics Competition


Fourteen children from across Year 3 and 4 travelled to Essex University to take part in a Sportshall Athletics Competition on Tuesday 21st January. Some of the team were excited, others nervous and few remembered what events they were going to be competing in! Once they had arrived though the team quickly settled and all performed very well in their field events which consisted of speed bounce, javelin, long jump and five strides. After a quick lunch it was time for the relay races where all of the children contributed to some great running performances. When it came to the results it was groundhog day with Prettygate beating us to the top spot for the second week in a row! Congratulation to Prettygate. Our team should be very pleased and proud with their performance with many children achieving personal bests, having lots of fun and taking silver in a competitive event involving thirteen schools. 

Heathlands finish 2nd in Sportshall Athletics Finals


​Our Sportshall Athletics team qualified for the final of this event before Christmas and have been training at lunch times to try and improve on their own performance. Everyone was excited at the opportunity to take part in their events and many of the children improved on their performance in the field events. At the mid stage of the competition, prior to the running races, we were joint second and only three points behind. Despite running some great races the team were unable to catch the school in first, but they did manage to secure second place for themselves. The children were delighted to have achieved this and all while having lots of fun competing in Athletics events. Well done to the team!

Heathlands finish 11th in County Boccia Competition


​Our school Boccia team had also matched the success of the dodgeball team in winning their Colchester event and therefore qualifying for the County competition. All three members of the team were excited to take part but also a little nervous. They didn’t need to be as they all played well throughout the morning, each of them winning points for the team through accurate and controlled throws. At the end of the competition they finished 11th, a result they should be pleased with. All three were equally pleased with the opportunity to meet a Team GB Paralympian and the chance to hold a gold and bronze medal from the games!

Heathlands finish in the Top 10 at County Competition


​Following the dodgeball team’s success in winning the Colchester event, they recently took part in a County competition, pitting them against the best school teams from across Essex and travelling to Benfleet to do so! The standard of play was very high but our team more than held their own, winning a number of matches early on in the competition to qualify for the super 10! In the next group phase there were some extremely tight games, our team winning some and losing some. We did not secure a place in the semi-final but all of those that took part should be proud of how they performed and represented the school. It is a great achievement to be one of the best school teams in Essex!

Heathlands qualify for CBSSP Sportshall Athletics Finals


On December 10th, seventeen children from Heathlands took part in the CBSSP Sportshall Athletics Heats at Essex University. This is an event children enjoy every year and this was no different. The event involves children taking part in a variety of relay races, standing long jump, standing triple jump, speed bounce and the ball throw. After spending their lunch time preparing for these events with Miss Yates and Mr Bowden, the children were excited and nervous, but ready, to do their best. They represented the school well throughout the afternoon, congratulating other schools and encouraging each other. They were also extremely pleased when they found out they had qualified for the finals which are due to take place in January. Well done and good luck to the team!



Heathlands finish 4th in CBSSP B team Football Competition


On December 5th, nine children represented the school in a football competition at Shrub End. Schools were divided into two groups with the top two teams from each group going through to the semi-finals. After some great football, the team found out they had been successful in reaching the next round! The semi-final was a very close match where we hit the post and Toby made some great saves for us in goal. The game went to penalties and unfortunately we did not make it through to the final. Instead, we played another very close game in the 3rd/4th place play off. Despite the children’s best efforts, they were unable to find a winning goal and so our team faced a second penalty shoot-out in 15 minutes! It was not to be and the team finished 4th. Despite being disappointed after a second penalty shoot-out loss the children all enjoyed a great morning of football and should be proud of how they played. A bit of extra praise should go to Max L who was unfortunate in missing a penalty in the first shoot-out but was then brave enough to take and score his penalty in the second shoot-out.



Heathlands win Boccia and New Age Kurling Competitions


On Novembr 27th, seven children from Heathlands attended a Boccia and New Age Kurling Competition at Thurstable School. Three children took part in the Boccia and four in the New Age Kurling. These are not the most well known sports but all of the children that attended son got to grips with the rules of the game and how best to play the sport. Throughout the event the sportsmanship and encouragement shown by the children that attended was fantastic and a credit to the school. Both teams were delighted when the results were announced as they had both won their events! They will now compete again in the New Year in a County Competition! Well done Liam, Amelia, James, Alfie, Jack, Lexi and Reuben.On Novembr 27th, seven children from Heathlands attended a Boccia and New Age Kurling Competition at Thurstable School. Three children took part in the Boccia and four in the New Age Kurling. These are not the most well known sports but all of the children that attended son got to grips with the rules of the game and how best to play the sport. Throughout the event the sportsmanship and encouragement shown by the children that attended was fantastic and a credit to the school. Both teams were delighted when the results were announced as they had both won their events! They will now compete again in the New Year in a County Competition! Well done Liam, Amelia, James, Alfie, Jack, Lexi and Reuben.

Heathlands win Littlegarth 'B' and 'C' Football Competitions


On Monday 11th of November, some year 3 and 4 boys went to a football tournament at Littlegarth school. There was a B and C tournament. Playing for the Heathlands B team were Owen, Matt, Max, Oscar, James, Harry, Edward, Theo and William. Our first game was against St Josephs - we played brilliantly and won 4-0. Next, we played Holmwood House, we played well and won 3-1 and that meant we had won our group. We had to be regrouped… Now we had to play Nayland Primary and Finsborough. First, we played Nayland. We won 2-1. All we had to do now was to win our next game and we would win the whole tournament. We played Finsborough, at first it was quite tight, there was a handball in the box and we got a penalty which Owen scored on the rebound. Heathlands scored a late goal to secure the win and the tournament!!!!!!!!! We then found out our other team had also played amazingly and managed to win their group as well meaning we won the B and C tournament.

We had great afternoon, but it was really cold.
By Max and Oscar 

Heathlands win CBSSP Dodgeball Competition!


On 6th November, Mr Minter and Miss Yates took some Year 4, 5 and 6 children to a dodgeball tournament. We took two teams. Team 1 just missed out on a spot in the semi finals having played some fantastic dodgeball. However, team 2 managed to get through to the semi finals against Wentworth. It was a close game and both teams played exceptionally well, but... we came out on top! This meant we were in the final! However, we had to play Birch who had beaten us earlier in the group stage. The first round we won and, thanks to some amazing catches by Alfie O, we managed ti win the second round as well which meant we won the tournament! This also means we go through to play in the county finals! Well done to both teams!
Also, during the games we had to rate other teams on their honesty, self belief, passion and lots more, while our opponents rated us. We did not manage to win this but we believe we did well. 
​By Alfie A and Ben L



Heathlands win Ipswich High School Year 5/6 Football Competition


On 5th November two teams travelled to Ipswich High School to take part in a football competition.
Team A
Team A played really well. The players were; Alex, Max, Alfie A, Ronnie, Ben, Felicity, Issy and Sophia. First we had a warm up before the tournament started. Eventually we got called in to talk about the rules. During games there had to be three boys and three girls on the pitch. The time had come, the first match had stated and everyone was excited.
Team B
This team also played very well. The players were; Ollie, Alfie O, Romeo, Benjamin, Bobby, Millie, Chloe and Alys. We started to warm up and played a 3 vs 3 game, passing the ball around to make space. It was lots of fun! Then it was game time, we were very confident.
Both teams played amazingly! Team A came second in their group and Team B came first. This meant both teams qualified for the semi finals! Team A lost their semi final but Team B won their game, going on to also win the final and the whole competition!
​By Max T and Romeo M

Heathlands finish 2nd in Panathlon Ten Pin Bowing Competition!


We went to Tenpin Bowling at Leisure World in Colchester. We went to a bowling competition and competed against loads of other schools. One f our favourite parts was bowling with our friends from Heathlands. We weren't sure who the winner was going to be as it was very close throughout the game. Our favourite bit was when we were in the top three and when they announced that we came 2nd! We had such a great time, it was lots of fun!
By Amelia, Ashton and Liam

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