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Summer Clubs 2021

In order to book you child on to one of the clubs being offered during the Summer Term please complete the relevant Microsoft Form (links below). You will need to complete a separate form for each club you would like your child to attend. Spaces at these clubs are limited. Children will be available to be collected at 4:15 at the front of the school. On a day when your child is attending a club they should wear their PE kit to school that day. Children taking part in the football club should wear trainers, not boots, and shin pads are also therefore not required. 


A copy of the letter sent out to families prior to the Easter holiday as a reminder of how we will be running clubs at Heathlands this term can be found below.


Each club will act as its own bubble, this is separate from the class bubble your child is already in. As clubs are being offered to children from up to four classes any child attending the club will be around, and potentially come into contact with, children in different class bubbles. This is the reason for creating an additional class bubble. If someone from an afterschool club your child attended were to contract coronavirus, all of the children attending that club, as well as that child’s own class, would need to self-isolate. This is in line with current guidance. 


Children will be informed of when they will be collected to take part in any club they are attending at the end of the school day. Staggered finish times complicate this but we will ensure children understand what they need to do. We will bring children to the front of the school to be collected at 4:15.


If your child has a place at a school club you will be informed to confirm this. If you receive no confirmation of their place at a club we regret it was already full and they will be added to the club waiting list. 

ALL school run Clubs will begin on week commencing Monday 26th April 2021 and will finish during the week commencing Monday 5th July 2021. Please also note that Year 5/6 netball, Year 5/6 football and Year 5/6 cricket and rounders will not take place the week commencing Monday 24th May. Year 5/6 cricket and rounders and Year 3/4 cricket and rounders will not take place the week commencing Monday 7th June.


Sports clubs are organised to offer an opportunity for children to learn about and improve within the sport being coached. All children that attend should have an interest in being there. The behaviour of children should reflect that interest and desire to learn. If children attending a club are not interested in participating in the sport being played, or their behaviour stops others from enjoying the club, they will lose their position and it will be offered to another child.


The Year 3/4 cricket and rounders club was previously stated to be taking place on a Thursday. Unfortunately this is no longer possible and the club will take place on a Wednesday instead.


IMPORTANT HEALTH AND SAFETY NOTES Please read the following carefully before applying:

Due to circumstances beyond our control clubs may have to be cancelled from time to time and we appreciate your co-operation when this happens. We will send messages to parents via ParentMail and text messages to inform as many parents as possible. If you need to contact us, please contact the school as late as possible in the afternoon and you will be advised of the situation. If a club has to be cancelled and we are unable to contact you we will ensure your child is kept safely in school until you or a nominated person arrives to collect him or her.


If your child will not be attending an after-school club session, please ensure the adult leading the club is aware of this absence. Once children have been allocated a place at a club it is anticipated that they attend every week unless they have a valid reason not to attend.  If children are absent from clubs their position may be offered to another child on the waiting list.


Please stress this to your child - they should not walk home independently unless you have given your permission. You are able to do this on the Microsoft form if your child is attending a Year 5/6 club (we would not anticipate children in Year 3 or 4 walking home on their own). The adult(s) running the club will wait with your child to be collected after the club has finished and we would emphasise that on no account are they to accept lifts unless this has been arranged by you, the parents. Please could parents inform the school of any changes to their child’s pick-up arrangements.


Essex County Council safety regulations are also being enforced with regard to children and earrings in P.E. or games sessions. These state that NO earrings whatsoever may be worn for games and P.E., so children will have to remove their studs. Please would you send in a small named container to keep them in. The use of micropore tape is no longer permitted. If ears are newly pierced, you will need to provide a box of padded plasters for the six week healing period. It is recommended that if your child has their ears pierced this is done at the beginning of the summer holiday.

Long hair should be tied back using only soft hair bands or grips (i.e. no hard plastic items).



To book your child a place at the Year 5/6 netball club on a Monday, please use the form below.


To book your child a place at the Year 5/6 football club on a Monday, please use the form below.


To book your child a place at the Year 5/6 cricket and rounders club on a Wednesday, please use the form below.


To book your child a place at the Year 3/4 cricket and rounders club on a Wednesday, please use the form below.


To book your child a place at the Year 5 girls football club on a Thursday, please use the form below.

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