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Sport in School

Below you will find information and photos relating to sport taking place in school. This will include sports day, inter-house competitions, PE lessons and more.

Year 3/4 Inter House Dodgeball Competition

On 12th October, it was Year 3 and 4's turn to take part in a Dodgeball Competition. The weather was against us so the competition was moved inside, leading to smaller courts and a lot more noise! The children were superb, learning how to apply the skills they have been learning in class within games to great effect. We were impressed with every example of honesty shown, as children would regularly tell us they had been hit by the ball without needing to be called out of the game. It was great to see children taking enjoyment from playing the game itself, not just from the result they could achieve. When we came to reveal the results the children were pleased for each other, wherever their house placed, and it was exciting to have joint winners (they couldn't be separated at all). Congratulations to Sackville and Firmins!

Year 5/6 Inter House Dodgeball Competition

On 29th September, children across Year 5 and 6 took part in an inter house dodgeball competition. Some fantastic dodgeball was played throughout the morning, with children demonstrating an excellent ability to throw accurately, dodge and catch. All games were played in a fantastic spirit, with children showing excellent honesty and integrity by acknowledging when they had been hit by the ball and bringing themselves out of the game without a teacher needing to do so. It was a great morning to be a part of. With a game to go any one of four houses could still win the competition, but it was Orpen who were the winners this year, congratulations Orpen!

Women's FA Cup Final

Nearly 50 girls from Heathlands travelled to Wembley Stadium to watch the Women's FA Cup final. It was a fantastic game and hopefully a memory the girls will remember for a long time to come!

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