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Worship Council


The Worship Council gives the children of Heathlands a voice in how worship is carried out at school and ensure it has a positive impact on everyone. The Council meet regularly to discuss what is going well with our worship as well as what could be improved. Along with the Worship Team, they have taken a more active role in the Acts of Worship, especially at the church. In school, they have nurtured a prayer tree as a reflective space and are currently in discussions over the creation of both outdoor and indoor permanent prayer and reflection spaces.
Each half-term the worship councillors reflect with their classes on the current core value and the impact it has had on them as individuals.


Worship Team

The Worship Team comprises of children from Years 5 and 6, who apply annually for the position. This small group meets weekly to prepare whole-school acts of Worship, based around the current half term’s core value. By taking greater ownership of the research aspect of their acts of Worship, the team can explore beyond a superficial level and are able to deliver services which promote deeper understanding by the whole Heathlands family. They have developed close links with St Mary’s Church and have regular opportunities to participate within additional religious services, such as Harvest and Easter, as well as working in conjunction with members of the Diocese.

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