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C of E Primary School

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Year 6

Aladdin Refrain 1 (Vocal)

In The Marketplace (Vocal)

I've Had Enough (Vocal)

Some Things Go Together Perfectly (Vocal)

Aladdin Refrain 2 (Vocal).mp3

Aladdin Refrain 3 (Vocal)

Just Three Wishes (Vocal)

Aladdin Refrain 4 (Vocal)

New Lamps For Old (Vocal)

Wishy Washy Laundry (Vocal)

Aladdin Refrain 5 (Vocal)

I Still Believe (Vocal)

The Chase (Vocal)

Wedding Procession (Vocal)

A Panto Like No Other! (Vocal)

Parents SATs Presentation

News report 6H

Oliver K, Oliver W, Zach and Ewan

Rudy, Micah and Elizabeth

Mollie, Issy and Hannah

Worldwide News

Isaac and Parwana

Florence, Olivia & Annie

Freya, Alissa and Belle

Earthquake and tsunami

Etnie, Georgia and Josie

Breaking News

BBC News

Edward, Thomas and Caleb

BBC News- Tsunami

Frog wide news

CCB news Sydney


Breaking news


Alex and Harry

Parent Presentation

Year 6 Bawdsey PGL 2023

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