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Heathlands Fireworks Cancelled

Dear Families,


It was a very difficult decision to cancel the Heathlands Fireworks Display. We have been monitoring ground conditions and the wretched weather for the past week but the safety risks and disruption to school operations became too high to allow us to proceed.


The Heathlands Fireworks Display is a great school tradition and it brings the local community together. We really appreciate the messages of support received since the announcement was made.


Since the decision to cancel was made we have been contacting suppliers, sponsors and advertisers to inform them and mitigate the financial impact. We have received significant gestures of Goodwill which will help to limit the impact. As the majority of tickets have been sold online we have been working out how the online sales platform can deal with ticket refunds and we will contact people who have bought tickets as soon as possible. Again, we appreciate the offer made by some to donate the ticket price to the PTA but we also understand in this current economic climate that the price of tickets for a family is not insignificant and we will communicate refund options as soon as possible.    


It takes a massive team of people to organise and deliver the Heathlands Fireworks Display. We would like to thank all the volunteers and school staff who have offered to help this year. 


Next year will be the 30th Anniversary of the Heathlands Fireworks Display and after this year's disappointment we would want to make it the best event ever. It is always hard work to organise but the money raised for the children and the bringing together of the local community make it all worthwhile. The Fireworks Team is a mix of both mum's and dad's and we have members stepping down year. If you would like to join the Fireworks Team for future HFD events please contact and we can provide more details.


Kind Regards,


The Heathlands PTA Fireworks Team

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